Back in the days of Vetal Cyr - the University of Maine at Fort Kent's first principal - students, faculty and staff were called to classes, meals, and special events to the sound of a ringing bell. The sounding of the old iron bell (La cloche de Fer) photo of the old iron bell, La Cloche de Ferwas a daily clarion call on campus to rally round and strive for a better life through higher learning.

Today, friends of the University have found and restored the ancient bell. It has emerged as an iconic symbol - La Cloche de Fer - calling us to yet again rally round and ring the bell for UMFK.

The goal of La Cloche de Fer campaign is to double The UMFK Foundation's scholarship endowment, which in turn, improves a student's access to college, reduces a family's reliance on loans, and provides scholarships to deserving students, each year. To provide greater access to higher education, preparing graduates for better jobs, accelerate learning through Early College High School, and offering adult learners more fulfilling lives, the University will increase the number of UMFK graduates into Maine's workforce by 20 percent during the next decade.

Sustaining Capital Fund

The Sustaining Capital Fund will introduce the UMFK campus to alternative energy, especially through the widespread use of biomass technologies; improve energy efficiency; and make essential repairs and improvements to its facilities.

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Academic Stewardship Fund

The University of Maine at Fort Kent is a small public university offering quality baccalaureate and associate degree programs with a legacy of quality teaching based in the liberal arts and professional programs.

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Legacy Scholarship Fund

The Legacy Scholarship Fund is dedicated to increase funds for need and merit-based scholarships. In addition to scholarships, however, other key areas of the fund's focus will be to support faculty research, and a variety of undergraduate services.

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